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Safety Drawbar Extension

Drawbar Extension Springs are ideal for tensioning applications such as fences or gates, and also function as shock absorbers in intermittent load applications or for marine vessel mooring.
Drawbars allow compression springs to function as extension springs, preventing hyper-extension while enabling springs to be securely attached to load sources and anchors, eliminating the possibility of slip-off during loading or use.
Available in Zinc Plated MBHD and 301 Stainless Steel.


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Set Descending Direction
Outside Diameter (inches) Wire Diameter (inches) Overall Length (inches) Rate (lbs/in) End Type Material Finish
871C-SS 1.92 0.092 6 3.66 Draw Bars 302 SS Plain
874C-SS 1.746 0.148 8.5 11.75 Draw Bars 302 SS Plain