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Cot Extension

Cot springs offer high loads in static applications with small deflections.

Ends are easily installable machine hooks.

Material is MBHD (Medium Basic Hard Drawn) Carbon Steel – finish is zinc plated.

Nine stock sizes from 1 & 5/8 to 3 & 3/4 inches in length offer maximum loads ranging from just over 18 pounds to just under 50 pounds.

SKUOD (inches)WD (inches)OAL (inches)Rate (lbs/in)Deflection (inches)Extended Length (inches)Load at Ext. Length (lbs)Material
37BS COT0.750.1055295.290.182.1830.39HDMB
37C COT0.750.10552.438600.32.73831.29HDMB
39A COT0.750.10552.62549.20.342.96529.97HDMB
37 COT0.6870.10552.7553.910.423.1738.1HDMB
37A COT0.7180.10551.625125.690.131.75531.02HDMB
38 COT0.50.081.71972.250.161.87921.38HDMB
37 SPECIAL0.6870.09152.528.520.783.2830.79HDMB
39 COT0.7180.12053.37575.910.323.69549.02HDMB
37B COT0.750.10552.2567.090.272.5230.74HDMB

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