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Cut to Length Compression

12 inch long “Cut-to-Length” Compression Springs allow the user to cut the springs to the desired length and still be able to make use of the remainder of the part for other applications.

Cut-to-Length Compression Springs are available in a variety of Outside Diameters and Wire Diameters, making it easy for someone unfamiliar with spring design to quickly and inexpensively come up with a prototype solution.

Spring Rate (in lbs./inch) is determined by dividing the Spring Constant by the total number of coils used once the spring has been cut to desired length.

SKUOD (inches)WD (inches)Free Length (inches)Rate (lbs/in)Coils per InchSpring ConstantMaterialFinish
8C10C1.3750.1251253180HDMBZinc Plated
8C11C0.9640.1211214.283514HDMBZinc Plated
8C12C0.8440.1061211.63.25452HDMBZinc Plated
8C13C0.7320.092128.753.75393HDMBZinc Plated
8C14C0.640.08126.64.25337HDMBZinc Plated
8C15C0.5760.072125.64.5302HDMBZinc Plated
8C16C0.50.063124.55270HDMBZinc Plated
8C17C0.4320.0541236.5234HDMBZinc Plated
8C18C0.380.048122.57210HDMBZinc Plated
8C19C0.3280.041121.88173HDMBZinc Plated
8C20C0.2780.035121.39.5148HDMBZinc Plated
8C21C0.2540.032121.29.25133HDMBZinc Plated
8C22C0.2290.029120.9611127HDMBZinc Plated
8C23C0.2060.026120.8511112HDMBZinc Plated
8C24C0.1840.023120.671296HDMBZinc Plated
A17C0.250.035121.710.5214HDMBZinc Plated
A18C0.3750.041121.56108HDMBZinc Plated
A19C0.50.048121.7482HDMBZinc Plated
A20C0.6250.054121.4467HDMBZinc Plated