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Serrated Safety Washers

Serrated Disc Springs are similar to Bellevilles in shape and basic design, but provide the benefit of serrations on contact surfaces, offering additional grip against nuts or bolt heads. The serrations uniformly press against contact points, gripping them safely without damage. Ideal for pre-tensioning applications.

SKUBolt Size (inches)ID (inches)OD (inches)Height (inches)Thickness (inches)MaterialBolt Size (mm)
MS 3.5#60.1460.2360.0350.018C60S Carbon Steel3.5
MS 45/320.1690.2760.0390.02C60S Carbon Steel4
MS 53/160.2090.3540.0430.024C60S Carbon Steel5
MS 6.351/40.2640.3740.0470.028C60S Carbon Steel6.35
MS 85/160.3310.5120.0550.031C60S Carbon Steel8
MS 103/80.4130.630.0630.039C60S Carbon Steel10
MS 11.17/160.4570.6260.0630.039C60S Carbon Steel11.1
MS 12.71/20.5390.7480.0710.043C60S Carbon Steel12.7
MS 149/160.5910.8660.0790.047C60S Carbon Steel14
MS 165/80.6690.9450.0830.051C60S Carbon Steel16
MS 193/40.7871.1810.0980.059C60S Carbon Steel19
MS 227/80.9061.2990.1060.059C60S Carbon Steel22
MS 25.411.0631.4960.1220.079C60S Carbon Steel24.4
MS 361 3/81.4962.1260.1650.098C60S Carbon Steel36
MS-SS 53/160.2090.3540.0430.024Stainless Steel5
MS-SS 6.351/40.2640.3740.0470.028Stainless Steel6.35
MS-SS 85/160.3310.5120.0550.031Stainless Steel8
MS-SS 103/80.4130.630.0630.039Stainless Steel10
MS-SS 12.71/20.5390.7480.0710.043Stainless Steel12.7
MS-SS 149/160.5910.8660.0790.047Stainless Steel14
MS-SS 165/80.6690.9450.0830.051Stainless Steel16
MS-SS 193/40.7871.1810.0980.059Stainless Steel19