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Utility Extension – ES Line

High quality general purpose extension springs come in a wide range of lengths and load capacities ideally suited for OEM applications, equipment maintenance, as well as numerous industrial projects.

Offered in commonly requested incremental sizes and spring rates time proven over 100 years, Utility Extension Springs are handy as replacement parts in numerous non-critical environments or anywhere light to medium duty springs are needed.

Wide variety of sizes in zinc plated Carbon Steel and 302 Stainless Steel.

Ends are crossover center on wire sizes below 0.072 inches. Ends on wire sizes 0.072 and above may be machine hooks.

Custom sizes and materials are also available.

Parts are conveniently packaged in easily managed, cost-effective and space-efficient units. Bulk pricing provides significant savings on large orders of a given part.

SKUOD (inches)WD (inches)OAL (inches)Rate (lbs/in)Deflection (inches)Load at Deflection (lbs))Initial Tension (approx) (lbs)Material
ES-1000.2340.021.1250.651.571.1780.16302 Stainless
ES-3000.750.0623.51.575.059.3481.42302 Stainless
ES-4000.750.0916.55.543.4225.977.03302 Stainless
ES-5000.750.126.525.281.4557.56220.79302 Stainless
ES-6000.8750.0913.58.092.2523.3545.12302 Stainless
ES-7000.8750.12616.092.1349.74415.55302 Stainless
ES-80010.1058.53.446.830.3456.95302 Stainless
ES-9001.0630.10573.46.6128.5836.1302 Stainless
ES-10001.0630.135811.723.3956.67816.95302 Stainless
ES-11001.50.135122.4313.2740.4548.2302 Stainless
ES-12001.8750.148102.43519.4037.25302 Stainless