Bellevilles – Metric Discs.

Gardner Metric Disc Springs are manufactured to strict DIN 2093 standards. Parts with thickness below 1.25 mm have no machining. Parts with thicknesses from 1.25 mm – 6 mm have OD and ID machined. Parts with thicknesses of 6 mm and above are machined all over. Parts through GMB-145 are made from C75S. GMB-150 and above are made from 51CrV4.

Bellevilles-Metric Group

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Part NumberOutside Diameter (in)Inside Diameter (in)Thickness (in)Free Height (in)Material
GMB-050.3120.1250.0160.023C75S Carbon Steel
GMB-100.3120.1640.0160.023C75S Carbon Steel
GMB-150.390.2030.010.022C75S Carbon Steel
GMB-200.390.2030.0160.027C75S Carbon Steel
GMB-250.390.2030.020.029C75S Carbon Steel
GMB-300.4880.2420.020.033C75S Carbon Steel
GMB-350.4880.2420.0270.039C75S Carbon Steel
GMB-400.5460.2810.020.035C75S Carbon Steel
GMB-450.5460.2810.0310.043C75S Carbon Steel
GMB-500.5850.2030.0270.043C75S Carbon Steel
GMB-550.6240.320.0160.035C75S Carbon Steel
GMB-600.6240.320.0230.041C75S Carbon Steel
GMB-650.6240.320.0310.047C75S Carbon Steel
GMB-700.6240.320.0350.049C75S Carbon Steel
GMB-750.7020.2420.0310.051C75S Carbon Steel
GMB-800.7020.320.0310.051C75S Carbon Steel
GMB-850.7020.320.0390.055C75S Carbon Steel
GMB-900.7020.3590.0270.047C75S Carbon Steel
GMB-950.7020.3590.0390.055C75S Carbon Steel
GMB-1000.780.3980.0310.053C75S Carbon Steel
GMB-1050.780.3980.0390.06C75S Carbon Steel
GMB-1100.780.3980.0430.06C75S Carbon Steel
GMB-1150.8780.4370.0230.055C75S Carbon Steel
GMB-1200.8760.4370.03120.057C75S Carbon Steel
GMB-1250.8970.320.03120.06C75S Carbon Steel