Finger Springs.

Finger Springs are used for preloading of ball bearings, as well as to reduce vibration in applications where light to medium loads are required in a small space. They reduce noise and end play, and do not expand in diameter during loading. Contact points are equal to the number of fingers.

MF Finger Group

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Part NumberOutside Diameter (in)Inside Diameter (in)Thickness (in)Deflection (in)Material
MF0595-0100.5950.3120.0100.0621074 Carbon Steel
MF0728-0060.7280.3440.0060.0621074 Carbon Steel
MF0846-0060.8460.453 0.0060.0621074 Carbon Steel
MF0846-008 0.8460.4530.0080.0621074 Carbon Steel
MF0926-0070.9260.453 0.0070.0621074 Carbon Steel
MF0926-0100.9260.3440.0100.0621074 Carbon Steel
MF1004-0061.0040.5160.0060.0621074 Carbon Steel
MF1004-007 1.0040.5160.0070.0621074 Carbon Steel
MF1164-0091.1640.688 0.0090.0621074 Carbon Steel
MF1164-0101.1640.4060.0100.0621074 Carbon Steel
MF1164-018 1.1640.6880.0180.0621074 Carbon Steel
MF1240-008 1.240.6880.0080.0621074 Carbon Steel
MF1240-0091.240.5630.0090.0621074 Carbon Steel
MF1240-0101.240.6880.0100.0621074 Carbon Steel
MF1360-011 1.360.8140.0110.0621074 Carbon Steel
MF1360-0141.360.8140.0140.0621074 Carbon Steel
MF1555-0141.5550.9710.0140.0621074 Carbon Steel
MF1555-0181.55510.0180.0621074 Carbon Steel
MF1830-0161.831.1890.0160.0621074 Carbon Steel
MF2022-0192.0221.3590.0190.0621074 Carbon Steel