Serrated Safety Washers.

Serrated Disc Springs are similar to Bellevilles in shape and basic design, but provide the benefit of serrations on contact surfaces, offering additional grip against nuts or bolt heads. The serrations uniformly press against contact points, gripping them safely without damage. Ideal for pre-tensioning applications.

Serrated Group

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Part NumberOutside Diameter (in)Inside Diameter (in)Thickness (in)Bolt SizeMaterial
MS 3.50.2360.1460.018#6C60S Carbon Steel
MS 40.2760.1690.0205/32C60S Carbon Steel
MS 50.3540.2090.0243/16C60S Carbon Steel
MS 6.350.3740.2640.0281/4C60S Carbon Steel
MS 80.5120.3310.0315/16C60S Carbon Steel
MS 100.630.4130.0393/8C60S Carbon Steel
MS 11.10.6260.4570.0397/16C60S Carbon Steel
MS 12.70.7480.5390.0431/2C60S Carbon Steel
MS 140.8660.5910.0479/16C60S Carbon Steel
MS 160.9450.6690.0515/8C60S Carbon Steel
MS 191.1810.7870.0593/4C60S Carbon Steel
MS 221.2990.9060.0597/8C60S Carbon Steel
MS 25.41.4961.0630.0791.0C60S Carbon Steel
MS 362.1261.4960.0981 3/8C60S Carbon Steel
MS-SS 50.3540.2090.0243/16Stainless Steel
MS-SS 6.350.3740.2640.0281/4Stainless Steel
MS-SS 80.5120.3310.0315/16Stainless Steel
MS-SS 100.630.4130.0393/8Stainless Steel
MS-SS 12.70.7480.5390.0431/2Stainless Steel
MS-SS 140.8660.5910.0479/16Stainless Steel
MS-SS 160.9450.6690.0515/8Stainless Steel
MS-SS 191.1810.7870.0593/4Stainless Steel