Wave Springs.

Wave Springs may be used to reduce axial end play, particularly in ball bearing applications. Wave Springs offer light to medium loads and are designed for applications where limited deflection is required or available. Between 20% and 80% of available deflection the spring rate for Wave Springs is nearly linear. Deflection ideally should not exceed 80%. Wave Springs expand less during loading than Curved Springs. The number of waves is equal to the number of contact points on one side of the spring.

MW-Wave Group

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Part NumberOutside Diameter (in)Inside Diameter (in)Thickness (in)Height (in)Material
MW0367-0060.3670.2650.00600.0301074-1095 Carbon Steel
MW0484-0090.4840.3970.00900.0291074-1095 Carbon Steel
MW0492-0070.4920.3500.00700.0351074-1095 Carbon Steel
MW0608-0080.6080.4590.00800.0371074-1095 Carbon Steel
MW0618-0080.6180.4400.00800.0401074-1095 Carbon Steel
MW0731-0090.7310.5880.00900.0471074-1095 Carbon Steel
MW0734-0090.7340.5310.00900.0501074-1095 Carbon Steel
MW0855-0100.8550.6500.01000.0601074-1095 Carbon Steel
MW0925-0100.9250.7190.01000.0661074 Carbon Steel
MW1004-0111.0040.7800.01050.0711074 Carbon Steel
MW1080-0121.0800.8390.01150.0731074 Carbon Steel
MW1102-0121.1020.8560.01200.0751074 Carbon Steel
MW1159-0131.1590.9010.01300.0801074 Carbon Steel
MW1235-0141.2350.9610.01400.0871074 Carbon Steel
MW1351-015 1.3511.0510.01500.0991074 Carbon Steel
MW1543-0171.5431.2010.01700.1051074 Carbon Steel
MW1543-0201.5431.2010.02000.1251074 Carbon Steel
MW1593-0181.5931.2390.01800.1101074 Carbon Steel
MW1621-0191.6211.2610.01850.1121074 Carbon Steel
MW1819-0201.8191.4040.02000.1251074 Carbon Steel
MW2028-0222.0281.5750.02200.1401074 Carbon Steel
MW2132-0232.1321.6580.02300.1481074 Carbon Steel
MW2420-0252.4201.8720.02500.1681074 Carbon Steel
MW2645-0282.6452.0570.02800.1841074 Carbon Steel
MW2816-0302.8162.2000.03000.1971074 Carbon Steel